SYNC your YOUTUBE to BitChute and Odysee

If you are worried about censorship, or if you simply want to diversify your reach, back up your content to these independent/Alt Tech platforms TODAY! It’s EASY and it’s FREE! BitChute has been growing tremendously, and Odysee is truly a “next gen” video platform! Follow us on the following Alt…

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Introduction to “AltTech” Social Media Platforms

Escape the internet ghettos of mainstream social media, and branch out your operation to these alternative, free speech oriented platforms! This video is a general overview of “Alt Tech” platforms that offer amazing untapped potential for small business owners, influencers, artists, musicians, and content creators of all kinds! Follow Mid…

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Wordfence Security Plugin Overview [Video]

Overview of the most powerful WordPress security plugins on the market – Wordfence! Block bots and hackers with the FREE version of this firewall and malware scanner, or upgrade to the premium version for even more amazing real-time site monitoring features. Follow Mid City Digital on YouTube, BitChute, and Brighteon…

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