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Mid City Digital is an independent web design and hosting business, specializing in WordPress CMS solutions for independent creative projects, startups and small businesses.

Originally founded in 2011 to focus on custom design for a select group of clients, Mid City Digital gradually began to expand into the field of web hosting, including domain registration, as well as premium web support services.

Our Domain Name and Cloud Hosting services are primarily geared towards entrepreneurs, startups, and small to mid-sized businesses. We aim to make these services as straight forward, easy to use, and affordable as possible.

For our Premium Support clients, we pride ourselves on taking time to truly get to know and understand their individual needs, building long lasting business relationships, and offering direct, personalized customer service.

In addition to our design and hosting services, we have also assisted a number of our clients in establishing their overall online strategies, to the extent of offering copy writing and content management services, on-call 24/7 webmaster support, and even building custom how-to video tutorials for their team.

The ability to do business online has now become more crucial than ever before. Whether you are just launching your first personal blog, building a new portfolio site for your freelance work, or even bringing your established business online for the first time – having your own custom website is the most important extension of any serious operation. 

With our cloud hosting infrastructure and many years of experience, we can help you bring your business into this new digital age.

Guymon Adams


General Manager, Lead designer, lead developer, lead support, etc

Since the late ’90s I have been building websites for a wide variety of clients, as well as my own small business ventures. Coming from a highly technical background in music, audio production, and traditional graphic design, my journey into the realm of web design was hands-on right from the very start. I have always thrived on a “learn by doing” approach, allowing me to constantly expand and adapt my skill sets year after year, even growing to specialize in particular areas such as WordPress site design and WooCommerce shopping cart systems.

In the early years of my web design career I worked on everything from websites for small retail shops, restaurants and hotels, to designing web graphics and other digital assets for the banking industry, to creating animated Flash presentations and Enhanced CD/DVD interfaces for the music and film industries.

However, as available technologies have evolved over the years, so too has my preferred clientele. For custom design projects, I generally prefer to work with smaller upstart businesses, non-profits and veterans organizations, as well as other freelance artists, photographers, and independent musicians. As a fellow entrepreneur, I am not only able to help their projects with my web design skills and hosting resources, but I can also directly draw from my own years of business experience to help them find the most practical web solutions and strategies.

I started Mid City Digital in 2011 as a way to transform my years of freelance design and development experience into more of a proper agency format by also offering affordable DIY web hosting for fellow startups. Since then our hosting solutions have improved incredibly with our latest LiteSpeed Cloud Hosting packages, which are a great website solution for all kinds of small businesses and organizations!

If you are interested in working with Mid City Digital on your next website project, please don’t hesitate to reach out! Hope to hear from you soon!

Guymon Adams
Mid City Digital

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