About Mid City Digital

Mid City Digital was originally founded in 2011 to focus on custom web design for a select group of small business clients. After operating under the radar for a number of years, the business gradually began expanding to include full scale cloud web hosting, domain name registration, and webmaster support services.

Our Domain Name and Cloud Hosting services are primarily geared towards entrepreneurs, startups, and small to mid-sized businesses. We aim to make these services as straight forward, easy to use, and affordable as possible.

For our Premium Support clients, we pride ourselves on taking time to truly get to know and understand their individual needs, building long lasting business relationships, and offering unrivaled direct, personalized customer service.

Quite often we go beyond our basic design and hosting services and assist our top clients in building complete online business strategies, offering web training for the client and/or their employees, and in a growing number of cases with busy start-ups, we serve as their on-call 24/7 webmaster and content manager.

In this day and age of ever evolving technology, your web presence is now a very real extension of your real-world business, brand, band, team, or other organization… And we know from many years of experience – YOUR SUCCESS IS OUR SUCCESS!

Contact us today for more info, and let us know how we can help!

Guymon Adams
CEO / Lead Developer